Ben Sinclair

Proud to serve you on the Waukee City Council!

I have enjoyed living in Waukee for over 10 years and have seen it grow rapidly. My family includes my wife, Sarah; our daughter, Amelia; and our cat, Gracie. My wife and I both work from home, which allows us to enjoy our city and its wonderful parks, restaurants, and other amenities daily. We are proud to live in a tight knit community, and we are fortunate to call many of our neighbors our friends - another reason we love the quality of life Waukee offers!

As a member of the Waukee City Council I've voted to support:

  • Traffic safety improvements and our new Safe Routes to Schools initiative.
  • Sound fiscal planning and lower property taxes — I've voted twice now to reduce property taxes, and hope to do so again as our commercial valuation increases.
  • Opening new neighborhood parks, aquiring new parkland, and increasing the amount of parkland dedication required by developers.
  • New economic development strategies designed to bring entertainment, recreation, shopping, and other amenities to the city.

Waukee has great momentum, and I'm excited to continue building the future of or our city!


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