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About Ben

I have enjoyed living in Waukee for nearly 10 years and have seen it grow rapidly. My family includes my wife, Sarah; our daughter, Amelia; and our cat, Gracie. My wife and I both work from home, which allows us to enjoy our city and its wonderful parks, restaurants, and other amenities daily. We are also proud to live in a tight knit community, and we are fortunate to call many of our neighbors our friends - another reason we love the quality of life Waukee offers!

I am a software developer working with clients to build digital marketing systems, and build both software and electronic hardware prototypes for startups. I'm also involved in two local startups of my own. I am fortunate to work with amazing companies and business owners, and I get to hear first hand about the challenges they face.

My focus areas for the city include neighborhood traffic issues, good development strategies, sustainability initiatives, and government transparency. I want to work for you, so let me know what issues, concerns, and ideas you have for the city!

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